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Mix & Match

Discover the versatility of INDAVID

Our INDAVID collections are not only unique and energetic, but also amazingly versatile. Effortlessly combine our spiritually inspired pieces with minimalist fashion and create a look that is both stylish and meaningful.

Styling Tips

  • Neutral base pieces: Use neutral colors such as white, black or beige as a base. An INDAVID top combined with white trousers or a black skirt creates a harmonious look. A bright INDAVID top can be worn with black trousers for an elegant but eye-catching style.


  • Set accents: Let INDAVID pieces act as statement pieces. A vibrant INDAVID top paired with minimalist jeans or a simple skirt will elevate your outfit without being too over the top. Wear an INDAVID dress with simple, monochromatic accessories to bring out the energy of the crystals and colors.


  • Layers: Experiment with layers. A plain, solid-colored T-shirt under an INDAVID jacket can liven up and add depth to an outfit. Try layering a minimalist cardigan over an INDAVID top for a balanced look.


  • Shoes: Combine INDAVID fashion with neutral shoes. A pair of white sneakers or black ankle boots can complete the outfit without distracting from the eye-catching designs. For formal occasions, you can wear an INDAVID dress with elegant, simple pumps.


  • Pants: Wear an INDAVID top with minimalist, well-cut pants for an elegant, professional look. Simple jeans or black suit trousers harmonize perfectly with the vibrant colors and designs.
  • Accessories: Use simple bags and belts to complete the look. A minimalist bag or a discreet belt can round off the overall look without overshadowing the spiritual aspect of INDAVID fashion.


  • Layering with contrasts: Wear a colorful INDAVID top under a neutral, minimalist blazer for a harmonious but interesting contrast. A black leather jacket can accentuate an INDAVID dress and create a trendy look.


  • Monochromatic base: Use monochromatic, minimalist base pieces to highlight the vibrant colors and designs of INDAVID. An all-white outfit with a colorful INDAVID piece can be a real eye-catcher.


  • Scarves and shawls: Use simple, plain-colored scarves or shawls to round off INDAVID tops and dresses. A delicate, neutral scarf can complement the outfit without overloading it.


  • Tops: Combine an eye-catching INDAVID top with a plain, solid-colored cardigan or blazer to create a balanced and harmonious look. A minimalist longsleeve under an INDAVID jacket can add an interesting layering element.


  • Leisure: Combine a colorful INDAVID sweatshirt with simple jeans and white sneakers for a relaxed but stylish look. Wear an INDAVID T-shirt with shorts and sandals for a casual summer look.


  • Work: Wear a minimalist blouse under an INDAVID jacket to combine professionalism with a touch of spirituality. Combine an INDAVID top with a simple pencil skirt and flat shoes for a comfortable and stylish office outfit.


  • Evening events: An INDAVID dress, combined with minimalist accessories and shoes, makes for an elegant appearance. Wear an eye-catching INDAVID top with simple black trousers and high heels for an evening look.


  • Sport and relaxation: Wear an INDAVID tank top with simple leggings for your yoga or meditation practice. Combine an INDAVID T-shirt with sports shorts and sneakers for an energetic workout.


  • Traveling: A comfortable INDAVID sweatshirt, combined with jeans and comfortable shoes, is perfect for long trips. Wear an INDAVID top under a light jacket for a stylish and practical travel look.
  • Weekend: For a relaxed weekend look, combine an INDAVID top with loose pants and flip-flops. Wear an INDAVID dress with flat sandals and a light cardigan for a cozy day.


  • Artistic occasions: Combine an INDAVID top with plain trousers for an art or museum visit. Wear an INDAVID dress with minimalist accessories for a cultural event.


  • City tours: An INDAVID top with comfortable jeans and sneakers is perfect for sightseeing. Combine an INDAVID sweatshirt with minimalist trousers for a day of exploring.


  • Family celebrations: Wear an elegant INDAVID dress to a family celebration and combine it with simple, classic accessories. A colorful INDAVID top with neutral trousers makes for a harmonious and stylish outfit.


  • Date night: Combine a chic INDAVID top with black trousers and subtle jewelry for a stylish date outfit. Wear an INDAVID dress with minimalist heels for a romantic evening out.