The gemstones are discreetly concealed inside the gemstone pad and remain invisible to the eye. But their influence on the wearing experience can be felt.
Their unique energetic vibration gives the garments a special radiance and helps you feel comfortable and empowered in them.
Experience the invisible magic of gemstones, which accompany and support you in a subtle way.

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indavidcom rock crystal mineral gemstone rough shape on white b 9a338191 8787 46a5 b7e6 ee43fe35b4c4


Rock crystal is a clear and transparent gemstone that is valued for its cleansing and energizing effect.

It symbolizes clarity and strength and can help to neutralize negative energies.

Rock crystal is often used as an enhancer for other gemstones and can help to strengthen their properties.

indavidcom sodalite mineral gemstone rough shape on white backg eaa26621 2639 4f66 9fdc bf9709002047


Sodalite is a blue gemstone that is associated with inner peace, serenity and emotional balance.

It promotes communication, self-expression and understanding.

Sodalite can help to dissolve negative thought patterns and strengthen self-confidence.

indavidcom moonstone mineral gemstone rough shape on white back 8296c306 8ec1 4981 b030 7121fc43c07d


Moonstone is a shimmering gemstone with a soft, pearly sheen.

It is associated with the energies of the moon and symbolizes femininity, intuition and emotional healing.

Moonstone can help to strengthen intuition, release emotional blockages and find inner harmony.

indavidcom Agate mineral gemstone rough shape on white backgrou 93e40e91 6eb6 49d5 90e6 b0094aa43b8d


Agate is a versatile gemstone with different colors and patterns. It is associated with earthiness, stability and protection.

Agate can help to shield negative energies, reduce stress and provide a sense of safety and security.

It is also often seen as a stone of harmony and balance.

indavidcom amethyst mineral gemstone rough shape on white backg ba6820ff a761 4c31 a1d0 f4788c730820


Amethyst is a violet gemstone known for its calming and clarifying properties.

It promotes inner peace, balance and spiritual growth.

Amethyst can help to reduce stress, strengthen intuition and support restful sleep.