Gemstones or healing stones have intense effects on people around them. These can affect both the wearer and the people in the environment. How exactly gemstones can help you in the job interview and which ones are the right ones, we explain here.

How gemstones help you interview for that new job

Most people are very excited about their job interview. You are not alone in your worries. Even respected and successful managers prepare very well for the interview and have a high adrenaline level shortly before. Of course, gems can't take away your optimal preparation, but ensure that you keep your own strength and calm. On the one hand you should be open, honest and interested. On the other hand, you should show your new boss or personnel manager that you can remain calm even in stressful situations (which include such an interview).

People who are inwardly very balanced and have a healthy self-confidence seem much calmer and more stable. In addition, your counterpart can assess you much harder. So you come from the "weaker" position and can demand more salary. Gemstones are mainly used to keep your inner calm and to give you security. How gemstones work in general you can read here.

Which gemstone is the right one for your interview?


How to take the gem without showing it

Putting the gemstone only in your pocket or even in your handbag is too little with your high excitement. It would have too little effect on you. In such extreme situations you should always try to wear your crystal as close to you as possible. In the best case directly in your hand or large, as with our Crystal shirts, on the back. If you have decided to carry your "lucky stone" in your hand you can simply close your hands (not your arms) during the conversation. This exudes calmness to both you and the hiring manager. You will also physically feel your gemstone with you.

If you decide to wear a Crystal Shirt, you will probably wear your T-shirt or top under a shirt or blouse. This is of course optimal and not visible to anyone. The gemstones in the back (especially the amethyst in combination with the rock crystal) can have their full effect. As also explained here, the combination of different stones does not matter. Your body will surrender to the vibrations of the stone it needs at that moment for the interview.

The effect of the gemstone on your interviewer at the job interview

Of course, the effect of a gemstone that is not directly on the body is rather small. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate them. Because your counterpart is also a little nervous. Every boss or personnel manager is in the "stronger" position, but for him or her it is also about finding a suitable person for the open position as soon as possible. They are also under pressure to explain themselves if it turns out that you are not the best fit for the job. The amethyst will also have a calming and clarifying effect on the people around you.

The gemstone ritual before the actual application date

If you have decided on a single gemstone, place it in the middle of the floor. Now arrange some rock crystals in a circle around the amethyst. Sit in front of this constellation and imagine your goal in your mind as well as possible. Wish with all the power of the universe, so to speak, that you will get this job. Imagine what it will be like to finally be satisfied in your job. Imagine yourself doing your tasks and being praised for them. Imagine leaving the company with a smile on your face after a good day. During these affirmations, don't think about what other fears and worries are going through your mind, but focus on the time after the application phase. Briefly imagine what it will be like to work at your dream company every day.

Which feeling hopefully accompanies you every day. You now transfer these moments in smaller packages into your gemstone. Mentally you transport them piece by piece. Do this until you have gone through your future workday and you can't think of anything else. Then open your eyes and look at the gem. Every time you look at it you will now be reminded of the good new feeling. When you take it in your hands, you take your prosperous future in your hands. And that's exactly what you can start the job interview with.

If you have chosen a crystal shirt from us, you can and should also perform this ritual. It is to put the shirt on the floor and distribute the extra rock crystals on it. The rest of the procedure is identical.

After the interview with your gemstone

As soon as you are back home you should clean your gemstone or your Crystal Shirt. During the conversation you have surely gained a lot of new knowledge. Maybe they showed you around the company and told you a few things. Maybe you no longer want to work for the company. Maybe you would like to work for the company even more after the appointment.

All these energies from yourself but also from your interlocutors have an influence on you and your gemstones. These vibrations should not be stored in the amethyst. How to clean your single gemstone we have explained here. How to discharge your energy shirt you can read here.

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