Fascinating crystals and gemstones meet stylish fashion.

Only the unique INDAVID creations offer you that.

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Crystals like amethyst and rock crystal that expand your higher self meet spiritual high quality streetwear.

For a long time you had to choose between stylish fashion and spiritual fashion. There was no such thing as both. INDAVID is changing this in a way that has never been seen before in the world.

Amethyst, rock crystal, moonstone, sodalite and agate are the INDAVID healing stones.

Over two years, INDAVID has worked with alternative practitioners, lightworkers and Reiki experts to develop an excellent combination of gemstones. This composition is deliberately chosen so that you can draw new energy from it every day. Be it to purify your mind from all the negative forces around you or to better manifest your desires. It's time to go with the help of these crystals to upgrade your life. Unlike your previous healing stones the INDAVID crystals are built right into your top. You always have it with you and can even feel it physically if you want to.

Spiritual fashion or streetwear such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank shirts and hoodies awaits you.

Looking stylish and still living his own spirituality has been difficult so far. This is exactly where INDAVID comes in. The timeless tops for ladies and gentlemen are beautifully cut, provided with unique drawings and offer absolutely ecological high-quality textile quality. Be it the warm, pleasant Burgundy or the gentle CreamPink, INDAVID definitely has a colour to suit your taste. The many collections also show how individual you can be. From the MoonChild collection to the FlowerWords collection, the prints are a real feast for the eyes. All this is rounded off by organic cotton that is processed into Crystal shirts by Fairwear and GOTS certified manufacturers. You will already feel while trying on that it is not normal fashion here.

Crystals that heal your mind

There are some speculations about the mode of action of crystals and why they work. But there are different opinions on many topics of the world. Everyone has their own personal view. Everyone can decide for himself or herself what does him or her good. INDAVID believes in healing with crystals on an emotional and psychological basis. Some crystal healers recommend to place gemstones on an open wound or in case of internal physical diseases, but there are no scientifically proven healing successes. INDAVID is more about the negative energies that are moving more and more around us. The spiritual and mental quarrels are the goal of the INDAVID crystals. You can use gems to heal your mind and manifest desires.

manifesting wishes with the help of crystals

Believing in yourself is an even stronger tool than the muscle power of your body. This is proven by numerous events that you have already experienced. Many people report that in extreme situations, they have overcome challenges that previously seemed impossible for them. The willpower that comes from believing in oneself or certain events is very powerful. The more orderly and free your mind is, the easier it is to fall back on these primal powers. So-called extrasensory powers were originally held in people's minds and they regularly nursed them. E.g. by rituals with crystals as it was usual with the Maya and other civilizations. These ancient peoples were able to construct buildings that cannot be explained with pure muscle power, as numerous researches prove. In the course of time, these talents were suppressed by the ruling rulers and persecuted for centuries. Until the majority of people stopped practicing them. It's time to give your energy back its preference. It's your time.

Achieve chakra healing with crystals

Chakras play an important role in alternative medicine. Surely you have already read about the seven chakras or energy centers. In the last 20 years, thanks to yoga and meditation, they have regained the consciousness of people. With INDAVID, the crystals are located at the top of your spine. This has the background that these gems find an easier access to your chakras especially there. Especially the higher chakras are influenced by the crystals.

Crystals and their individual applications

It is similar to the energy centers of the chakras also with crystals. However, since there are a lot of special gemstones, some also have several fields of application. If you only have a certain "problem", a certain crystal can help you especially well. For such cases a Reiki healer or alternative practitioner will be able to recommend very special gemstones. The INDAVID Crystal Constellation (amethyst, rock crystal, agate, sodalite and moonstone) is rather a universal source of strength for the themes of everyday life. For example, your self-love is addressed as well as negative feelings in you. Every day we all face challenges. Be it in the job that often causes a lot of stress or in family life. A spirit which is more and more demanded in today's time can be weakened very quickly and brought out of balance. Concentration difficulties, weakness in decision-making, hatred, envy and dissatisfaction with yourself or your environment are the consequences. Unfortunately, there are also more and more external influences. In an achievement-oriented society in which egoism spreads, so-called negative energy easily arises. Many people know malicious joy and envy. Maybe you, too. This negative energy that is generated by others but projected on us can inhibit you in your own desires. It takes you away from your goals and makes you more dissatisfied with yourself. Crystals are also an aid to protect you from external negative influences or to give you the strength to fight against them.